Where we're going

Our vision is for a positive future for all. This means creating financial success and stability for everyone, from customers to investors – and, of course, for our colleagues too. We will achieve our vision partly through the products and services we offer; and partly by investing for growth in areas such as housing, infrastructure and urban regeneration.

Our awards

We believe we offer our customers some of the best products and services available on the market today. And the industry agrees. Here are just some of the awards and accolades we’ve won over the last few years.

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Best Protection Provider

Financial Adviser Life and Pension Awards 2015

Where we've been

We’ve changed a lot since 1836. Back then, we focused solely on providing insurance for the legal profession. Today, we’re the world’s largest insurance and investment management organisation, with worldwide assets of $1 trillion (£709 million). Whilst we’ve grown as a business, our determination to make a real difference to our customers’ lives remains the same. Here are some key highlights over the years.

How we make a difference

As one of the UK’s leading financial services providers, we have the potential to make a real difference – to the economy, the environment and the living standards of our customers. So that’s exactly what we do. In part, it’s about delivering socially useful products and bringing financial security to our customers in the best way we can. But it’s also about helping society and the wider community, often by working with charities and other third sector organisations.

Our five themes

Our CSR activities focus on housing, health, retirement income, corporate governance and sustainable property. They’re the things that most help our customers achieve financial security, and help society too. Investment in student accommodation, care homes and urban regeneration projects are just some examples of how our CSR ambitions are being realised.

Community work

Many of our employees choose to make a positive impact on their communities through volunteering and charitable work. Be it sponsorship, give-as-you-earn or time-matching schemes, we support them in these activities and also recognise their amazing fundraising achievements at our Chairman’s annual ‘Community Awards’.